A Brief Look At Automatic Watch Winders

What is an elevator clock? What’s your occupation? Are they needed? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions and don’t know what a watch winder is or why it’s necessary, this article will give you a quick overview of these devices that help you control your speed.

A watch winder is a mechanical device that has two main functions: 1. to keep it rotating when not in use, and 2. to store or display an automatic watch (auto-winding).

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se winder online

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The automatic function detects the movement of the mechanical rotor in the watch, which rotates the mainspring, which in turn powers the watch. The energy of the mainspring keeps the clock working.

It is important that the mechanical watch keeps turning and running to prevent the lubricant from hardening, which reduces the accuracy and life of the internal components.

In addition, this scrolling device keeps the clock rotating, so that it always functions when the user needs it and all constant movements such as the calendar and moon phases are kept up to date.

In addition to the basic functions of keeping a watch durable and functional, the automatic winding device duplicates a watch case into a watch case that has sentimental or financial value.

Most of these dials come in the form of cases with glass or plastic windows that allow you (without any intent) to monitor the rotation of the watch while protecting it from harmful elements.

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