All About Financial Adviser in Cardiff

Is your advisor confused if you ask about the differences between a capital gain tax and an ordinary income tax? What if you only want to pay an hourly fee for his advice, just like you would for an attorney? Is that possible? These days, it is hard to find the true financial advisers in Cardiff.

While many people are only familiar with a part of the financial puzzle, it is not impossible to be an expert on all aspects. However, it is reasonable to expect your adviser to have some knowledge about tax basics and to be aware of these facts when guiding you.

 financial adviser in cardiff

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Many financial professionals in Cardiff who have the title "adviser" on their business cards don't know anything beyond what is required by the company. These people aren't willing to do their research on the subject or learn about other areas of expertise.

Although "ignorance is bliss", may seem to be a good thing for the company's bottom line it can also hurt you. It's easy to find general knowledge in today's information age. One can Google the subject, visit the local library, and look for the relevant book or information. Or, even check if the topic is covered in a continuing education course.

This is what almost all certifications and licenses require of their members. You don't want to be an automated robot that knows only how to "parrot” the financial services company talking points if you're looking to become a financial advisor.

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