How To Choose Between Sliding Door Wardrobes Over Hinged Door Wardrobes In Perth

Built-in cabinets, either sliding or folding, are built from floor to ceiling and can be mounted wall to wall in most cases if necessary. In addition, both types of cabinets are usually built without back panels or side panels to maximize the available storage space. However, some customers prefer back panels and side panels in their cabinets, which of course affects the storage space. You can also become to know more about sliding doors from this source: Sliding Door – Nuspec Windows.

Like cabinets with sliding doors, cabinets with hinges are custom made to fit almost any space. With both wardrobe options, you can choose from a variety of internal storage options to complement accessories including; long and short hangers, tie holders, shoe holders, trouser rails, towbars, shelves and more so it doesn't differ in each case but to help you choose:

Wardrobe With Hinged doors

The depth of the swivel cabinet is usually less than 100 mm because there is no sliding aisle.

Hinged doors open, so while the overall depth of the cabinets is less than standard sliding cabinets, the tread is usually larger to accommodate the "swinging" door space.

Hinged doors usually have a maximum size of about 600mm (about 2 feet) to avoid overloading the hinges when opened.

Hinged cabinets usually have built-in shelves with a standard base height of around 100mm, which somewhat limits hanging space. However, with a ceiling height of around 2300-2400mm, this is usually not a problem. The floor height can also be changed according to customer requirements, depending on the ceiling height.

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