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How to choose the best paper for showing me images

Everyone likes picture storybooks than the other books. Pictures have the power to tell the story in creative and interesting way. Therefore, you have to choose the best papers for your show me images book. Choose the papers for your picture book easily with little education and knowledge.


Keep reading this article to learn the various samples of paper for your picture book:-

Samples of paper for printique

All the picture books are printed with archival photo paper, and you also have to choose real archival paper instead of digitally printed books. The reason is that they are specially made with photographs.

1. Luster Paper

Luster is the most popular paper choice used for picture books. It always includes rich colors and is ideal for traditional picture books, and they are perfect to showcase every moment. Moreover, it also has a subtle texture and soft reflective sheen.

2. High Gloss

High gloss paper has a very distinctive and bright look. In addition, it doesn’t look highly reflective and also has no texture. The fingerprints on the picture book can show more easily with this choice of paper. But, the best thing is that they are come with a durable facility, and you can wipe the fingerprints fairly easily. The subject of your picture book is important when picking the paper. For instance, a deep matte option is not valid for the Disney world family trip books.

3. Silk

Silk is the newest addition to adorn your picture book. It is the type of throwback paper and gives you refined textures, and it also offers the touch of a vintage look to your picture book. Additionally, they have soft reflection and thicker weight with a fine texture similar to the vinyl.

4. Linen 

Linen paper is the same as silk paper; it also offers your classic look with a larger texture. Moreover, linen paper gives you a softer high-end look to the images of your picture book.

5. Pebble

Pebble paper adds an artistic, luxe, and custom feel to your picture book. There are various gorgeous pebble papers for your picture books. In addition, it consists of a non-uniform texture with a high-end look. Due to the uneven texture, they are ideal for the images without the people in them.

6. Deep Matte

The deep matte paper type is more expensive than the others, and it has fine art appeal and provides uniqueness to your picture book. They consist of silky non-reflective and smooth surfaces. They give a soft feeling when you touch them and offer a gallery look to your picture book. You have to add natural light and soft tones images with this paper.

In summing up

This article contains information regarding paper samples. You can choose anyone paper for your show me images book. Moreover, this article offers you various papers for your picture books, by which you can adorn your book. They also give high-end texture to your pictures and soft touch. Moreover, you can choose the type of paper according to the subject of the picture book.

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