Organic Weed Killer Tips

An organic weed killer is especially important in certain regions of the United States where it doesn’t rain very often. Using chemicals like roundup all year long to kill weeds causes a chemical buildup that keeps growing until a good rainstorm finally hits, and then all the chemical buildup from every yard suddenly drains into the sewer system on its way to the ocean.

In regions of low rainfall, whenever it does finally rain, beaches and coastline are often polluted for days, and beachgoers are advised not to swim. That’s pretty sad if you ask me that there can be that much pollution runoff.

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That’s why I’ve been investigating organic weed killer instead. I helped run a landscaping business in a low rainfall region and constantly had to battle between being efficient and being environmentally friendly.

In the end, our customers appreciated the fact that we took a little bit of extra time and energy to help protect the environment and be cautious. There are a few organic household compounds that work pretty well as organic weed killers. The nice thing about these chemicals is that they’re generally pretty cheap too.

The basic principle around why organic weed killers work is because they’re almost always some sort of acid. Weeds hate acid as do regular plants, but the interesting thing is that not all plants hate acidic soil. Some plants grow very well in an acidic environment, though most weeds don’t.

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