Plan Everest Base Camp In Advance

Extreme mountain climbing can take you to Mount Everest, is not for everyone. However, it doesn't mean that those who enjoy hiking and mountain climbing on weekends shouldn't be able to enjoy the thrills of climbing the mountain at least for a small portion of the route. 

Going through Everest Base Camp is one of the most enjoyable trekking experiences you can have anywhere. It's a chance to get to the majestic summit without needing to endure the discomfort and the difficulties that come when you attempt to plan Everest-based camp tours & trips

everest base camp tours

It's possible for those with an average level of fitness. The southern approach, which originates from Khumbu in Nepal is much more sought-after than the northern one mostly due to the beauty of the landscape and the chance to get to know and connect with the local, well-known, and welcoming people. 

If you're planning your trip through a tour company, you're likely to not need to carry much of your luggage. The majority of tour operators employ porters who allow visitors to walk unhindered (you must carry a lightweight daypack) and enjoy the scenery.

Its base camp is open all year long, however certain seasons are preferred over other times. Winters are obviously extremely cold, and some lodges are closed when there is a lot of snow. Summers are extremely wet and a lot of beautiful nature of the region is obscured by dark fog and rain. 

The best times to visit according to Wikitravel is during the months of March through May and from September to mid-November. It is springtime. (April between April and April and May) is the ideal time to view all the flowers in bloom, as well as all the green plants and trees after the freeze has thawed. If you are looking for views, you should travel in autumn when the rains have lifted the air and you can look for miles on crisp, cool days.

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