Premium Business Card Styles and Finishes

Business cards are highly sought-after and are offered by almost all printing companies. Matt laminate is prone to dull colors and is a subtle and elegant look. Matt laminates can also be vulnerable to show fingerprints, and scratches, mostly on darker colors and black. You can also search online to buy the best quality matte black membership cards.

Gloss lamination accentuates colors to reveal more sparkle. Shiny finishes have more glamour and can be a bit louder, "Hey! Look at me!" Another option, although not as well-known and is called soft touch lamination (also called velvet laminate). This type of laminate is usually higher priced, but it provides the card a velvety feeling similar to suede.

If you opt to choose a matte laminated business card you are opening the possibility of spot-gloss highlights. This method involves adding clear gloss varnish to the card. The use of gloss varnish on a matt laminated business card can create a striking contrast. 

This can help your business card stand out from ordinary card stock that is laminated matt. Spot gloss varnish is put on in two methods, blind and registered. Spot gloss registered requires applying the varnish over an element of the artwork. 

If you choose to have the name of your company printed in spot gloss on the card in different areas it would be a spot gloss that is blind because it's not registered as part of the artwork.


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