Robots in The Medicine – Patient Simulators

Dummy robots reproduce the functional features of the cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory systems, and also generate a response to various actions of students, including and the introduction of pharmacological drugs.

This physiological reaction is involuntary (automatic) in response to clinical effects. The presence of human physiology in robots is a unique property of these robots, which has no analogs in the world and distinguishes them from all other phantoms and imitators.

For example, when IVL1 is performed through an improperly installed endotracheal tube, the dummy's stomach inflates, breathing in his lungs is not heard, and a frequent pulse is felt on the wrist and other typical points of arterial pulsation.

In general, a patient simulator is a great tool because it avoids many complications due to heart problems or can be detected early. So, you can also buy ECG patient simulator from Pronk Technologies or similar stores.

While this device is not a lifesaver in itself, it can definitely save lives if someone in your household is at high risk for certain types of blood pressure problems.

Those who have had a heart attack or stroke, in particular, may benefit from having an Omron blood pressure cuff around their home if they feel something is wrong.

 Knowing that there is a conflict with your blood pressure can make the decision to go to the hospital easier, which can be important if something goes wrong.

You can find blood pressure cuffs in a variety of styles, price ranges, and colors, so you really have a choice when it comes to choosing the right one.

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