Three Ways A Child Support Lawyer Can Help With Collection

Court orders to provide monetary support for your children tend to be simple. The parent who is not custodial is usually ordered to pay a certain amount to the parent who is custodial each month or risk legal penalties. Some parents fail to consistently follow these guidelines or disregard these orders completely.

If you're not receiving the funds you're owed every month, here's three ways that a child-support lawyer can assist you in the collection process. You can also browse to find more information about child support lawyers.

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1. Automatic Withholding of income

In several states, court orders that govern the care of children are filed directly at the agency responsible for local law enforcement. The orders are then automatically paid by withholding income from the non-custodial parent's employer.

In the event that you aren't receiving payments from your other parent A child support lawyer will assist you to register your request with the agency.

2. Withholding of Federal and State Tax Refunds

The IRS could be a valuable asset in your case in the event that you're not receiving court-ordered funds. A lawyer for child support can assist you in obtaining the non-custodial parent's tax refund once the balance of past due is at a certain amount or higher.

3. Utilization of alternative methods of Collection

If tax refunds or income withholding is not successful, it is possible to place a lien on the parent's personal property. The lien would prevent parents from having the ability to sell property such as a vehicle or house until they have paid the amount they owe.