The Offset Barbecue Smoker – Three Reasons Why They Make Delicious Meat

The Offset Barbecue Smoker creates delicious smoked meat. They're a fantastic option for someone who is looking to create the pork shoulder (pulled or cut pork) as well as spare ribs from pork and chickens, as well as beef brisket. Three reasons to consider this kind of barbecue smoker can make delicious meat. You can  buy Barbecue offset smoker from

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A charcoal or hardwood fire is created inside the firebox, and the smoke, along with a bit of heat are pushed into the smoking chamber, and the meat rests on the racks, and is covered in smoke, then the smoke is released via the chimney/ventilation system. The main reasons why the offset smoker is a great way to smoke meat are as follows:

1. It is secured within the firebox, which means there is no direct heat to the meat. The heat that the fire produces will be indirect as it is located off of the food inside a separate chamber. 

2. The meat is placed inside the smoking chamber, on racks that are away from the flame. Smoke is allowed to move through the smoke chamber, and around the meat and impart the smoky taste to the meat.

3. The ventilation system and chimney can be designed so that it allows maximum smoke exposure to the meat of the desired. The chimney is able to be placed on the opposite side in the chamber to the end of the firebox and the smoke should move through the chamber, enhancing the meat as it travels.

That's just one of the reasons why offset barbecue smokers are an ideal choice to make delicious barbecue pork that is smoked or chicken. It also makes great beef.