Automatic Swimming Pool Cover – Why It Is A Must-Have?

An automatic swimming pool cover is a very important component of a swimming pool. Although to some, it would mean an additional cost; but, your investment made is worth it because of the advantages it offers. We all know that maintaining a swimming pool is not an easy task. In fact, every pool owner must be responsible enough to keep it clean at all times.

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Saving water

However, there are factors that are usually beyond our control; dust, falling leaves, and other objects. These must be taken care or else they will become dangerous bacteria that may put your health to risk. For that reason, there is a need to change your pool water as much as possible. Moreover, one of the most prominent enemies of an uncovered pool is evaporation. This will cause you to add more water more often than expected. If this happens the chance of a high increase in water bills will be expected.

All Time Ready, All Time Favorite

Make your pool an all-time favorite of your loved ones and friends. Installing an automatic swimming pool cover will able to maintain the most suitable temperature for swimming. If you have a pool cover, you can maintain your preheated water for the next day's activity. Everyone will surely enjoy the warm water in your pool and make you a warm host.

Excessive Use of Chemicals

A pool cover will keep you away from the hazard of using a lot of chemicals in your pool water. Do you know that excessive use of chemicals in your swimming pool will cause an allergic reaction? You may not like to know how your swimming pool that is supposed to bring fun and excitement will cause sickness. Yes, red eyes and sneezing are an after-effect of swimming in highly chlorinated pool water.


How To Maintain Swimming Pool in the UK

The swimming pool is one of the luxury things that you may place in your home. If you have the budget and a perfect place to put in, for sure you will also have a pool in your place. Definitely, a pool can add lots of benefits to you but you should also be responsible for its maintenance.

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pool covers

Here are a few things that you need to be careful when it comes to the maintenance of the pool:

  • Best use of chemicals

One of the first things you should take care of is the chlorine level of the water. It should never go below 1 ppm, or algae and bacteria will start to pollute the pool.  Ideally, the level of chlorine must be maintained between 1 ppm and 3 ppm. 

  • Maintain pH balance

The next thing you need to check is the pH balance of your pool. Ideally, this should be maintained between 7.2-7.6. If the pH goes above 7.8, it can cause scale buildup /. This, in turn, can cause problems with the filters and affect the efficiency of chlorine. On the other hand, low pH levels can corrode the pipes attached to the pool and also quickly consume chlorine residual present in pool water.

  • Run rapporteur 

Run rapporteur for about 6-8 hours every day during the summer months and 2-4 hours during the winter months.

Be sure to backwash the filters to get rid of all the debris and dirt that has accumulated in it