How Could Bacterial Overgrowth Be The Cause Of Your IBS?

Stress management is an excellent way to manage your negative emotions. Unfortunately, stress is just one cause of IBS. Research over the years has shown that IBS could also be linked to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

What is SIBO? SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria found naturally in the small intestine. A small amount of bacteria is found in the small intestine and it is vital for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. You can even consult with a doctor for sibo treatment via

Too much bacteria can lead to problems like fat malabsorption. It also prevents carbohydrates from being absorbed, causing them to rot in your intestines. This can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including gas, diarrhea, pain, gas, mucus, and stool discoloration.

Bacterial growth can cause nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, and dysfunctional digestive enzymes. This is a common condition that often goes undiagnosed for many years even though symptoms may be present. 

What is the reason? Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects most people with chronic digestive issues. Doctors seldom consider small intestinal bacteria to be the cause of the problem.

Reduction in the motility of the small intestine. This is a condition that can be caused by chronic stress and too much sugar. This condition can also be caused by diabetes, scleroderma, and hypothyroidism.

Structural abnormalities in the small intestine – abnormalities can be caused by small intestinal diverticula or gastric bypass surgery. You can also see other information.

Hypochlorhydria: As we age, our stomach acid production decreases. Stomach acid is responsible for eliminating bacteria from the small intestine. If there is a decrease in the number of bacteria, the acid will not be able to kill it.