Selecting The Best Tattoo Lotion

While most tattoo artists agree that you should use an A&D ointment to protect your new tattoo within the first three days of receiving new ink, there is less agreement about which medicinal product to use in the three weeks after that. We know that you need to carefully clean inked skin with mild fragrance-free soap and warm water.

But what should you apply to your clean skin to protect your new ink and help the healing process? With so many tattoo lotions on the market, it can be difficult to choose or even distinguish between them. You can also buy after inked lotion online via

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Many ingredients are great for healing tattoos and should be included in an effective tattoo lotion. One of them is tea tree oil, which promotes healing and helps your skin heal faster. Another is witch hazel, which reduces inflammation and itching. 

Another important ingredient is zinc oxide – a healthy sunscreen that protects from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can be very harmful to tattoo healing. Vitamins A and E are also important in such lotions because they moisturize and nourish the skin, and plant-based glycerin also helps the skin retain moisture. All of these ingredients are essential for tattoo healing and should be included in every lotion you buy.

The last thing you want after investing your time, heart, and wallet in a new tattoo is to recreate, mask, or remove it because it didn't heal properly. It is worth investing in a good lotion that contains healthy ingredients that promote healing.