Keeping Destination Wedding Guests Happy In Riviera Maya

Once you decide to have your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya you have already taken the first step towards a truly memorable big day, but there is the small matter of entertaining your wedding guests before and/or after the celebrations! 

All-Inclusive private yacht charter weddings assured you that keeping your destination wedding guests happy can be a pretty simple affair. 

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Here’s how to keep your destination wedding guests happy in the Riviera Maya:

    1. Mayan Ruins in the Riviera Maya

Culture vultures and history buffs, as well as general tourists, will be thrilled by a visit to any of the Mayan ruins which can be found near the Riviera Maya. 

Tulum, in particular, is worth a full-day trip; it overlooks some seriously gorgeous beachfront scenery, too, so nature lovers will get a kick out of being there. 

2. Riviera Maya’s Cenotes

Speaking of nature lovers, however, anyone who loves to bask in the glory of the natural world will be enthralled by a visit to one of Mexico’s cenotes. 

These subterranean wells and waterways are ethereally beautiful; the Mayan people revered these as portals to another realm, and they will certainly make your wedding guests feel as if they are worlds away from their everyday lives. 

You might organize a snorkel, dive, or rappel trip for adventure seekers while low-key guests might enjoy swimming in a cenote or wading through subterranean caves.