How To Choose The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream For Your Skin Type?

Choosing an anti-wrinkle cream is not that easy, especially when you don’t know what your skin type is. You should go through the below-mentioned information to determine the best anti wrinkle cream for your skin type.

What are the different types of wrinkle creams?

First, there are anti-wrinkle creams, which have antioxidant properties, thanks to the presence of vitamins C, E, or selenium for example. They protect the skin from external aggressions (pollution, UV, etc.) Then, there are creams based on fruit acids, called AHA, used mainly for the slight peeling effect that they provide, which gives a boost of radiance to the skin, and the stimulation of collagen production they allow. Finally, there are creams based on acidic vitamin A, the most powerful molecule in the treatment of wrinkles, but also the least well tolerated.

This type of cream can only be obtained with a prescription. There are therefore often related creams – composed of retinol, vitamin A derivatives – which are better tolerated. Their use is recommended from the age of 35. These different categories of anti-wrinkle creams must also be adapted according to your skin type because not all skin types have the same needs. If you have gotten all confused reading this information, then you should cut to the chase and read reviews of best anti wrinkle creams by consumer reports.

How do you choose the cream according to your skin?

Thin and not very dense skin should preferably turn to anti-wrinkle creams based on vitamin C (which promotes collagenases) to restore density, and possibly to creams containing derivatives of vitamin A. Young skin (20 to 30 years old) can also turn to this type of cream, for prevention. For thicker skin, in the case of people who smoke or who have been exposed to the sun a lot, we will rather recommend creams with fruit acids, for their peeling effect, which thin the horny layer of the skin and restore radiance to these skins which are often a bit dull. When the skin is damaged by time and is wrinkled, we will move towards creams based on acidic vitamin A if it is tolerated, if not towards related creams, to act in-depth.