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People will tell you that the crane operators and riggers are the only people who are involved in crane operations if you ask many people. They are not the only ones present during the crane operations while these are involved. The following are a few of those involved in crane operations and their responsibilities undertaken by the crane contractors Sydney as it can help you understand in the  best way:

Crane owner

It is the crane owner i.e., the owner of the crane. It is the crane rental company where you will be renting the crane from oftentimes. The crane owner is specifically the party with the custodial control of the crane offering the maintenance and operation information to the user of the crane, which is you, according to the reports.

The following are the work offered by the crane owner:

  • Offering the crane out to the users.
  • For the best cranes, they can offer the users.
  • The crane user is offering all the applicable load-rating charts, diagrams, and other technical information.
  • Proper inspections, tests, and maintenance is offered to the crane.


They are mainly responsible for operating the crane. There are designated crane operators out there offered by most of the crane rental companies, and this is the reason you need not have to worry about finding an operation while renting out the crane.

It depends on you to research and find a qualified professional to operate them if the company you are renting the crane from does not have a designated operator.

The following are the roles that the operator performs:

  • Proper inspection of the crane before lifting.
  • Operations of the crane
  • Making sure the crane is carrying the offered weight
  • Advising the users of cranes to select the best one.


The person who rents out the crane to get the project completed is the crane user. The user of the crane is the one who arranges for the presence of the crane over the worksite controlling the crane in its operations.

The following is also done by them:

  • They make sure that the crane is operating based on the instructions and regulations of the manufacture.
  • Only qualified supervisors and operators are hired.
  • I was making sure of the total capacity of the cranes to deal with the job.

You need to work with a qualified crane operator if this is your first time renting out a crane. Including finding the right crane company to hire the crane along with determining the proper crane that can be hired for the job is how the operator will be guiding you on.


Over the worksite and the work that is currently being performed, the site supervisor exercises supervisory controls. The following are the responsibilities of the site supervisor:

  • They are making sure that the operator of the crane on the site meets every need.
  • Before being used, making sure that the crane meets up the needs of the inspection.
  • Making sure that there are no obstructions on the way and that the work area is prepared completely. They should also make sure that there is enough room for the cranes to be able to work on.

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