Waffle Slabs For Construction Buildings

When building a space-saving device, usually made of polystyrene, is used in the concrete slab to limit the amount of concrete required to construct the concrete slab. They have been built in the last twenty years, waffle irons are common in homes built by new builders, especially volume builders.

Waffle board conforms to AS 2870 – standard for floor and foundation tiles. But especially in highly reactive clay locations, slopes, backfill points or places where drainage is problematic, caution is advised when using our products from Nicsons Building Products.

Waffle sheets are associated with a phenomenon known as sheet rise – where the sheet rises and causes cracks and damage to the building frame. Windows stopped opening and closing, doors slamming or not closing.

So what is a waffle plate? Sometimes referred to as a "waffle pod foundation," it is a type of concrete slab used in home construction that uses polystyrene spacers with a system of steel reinforcement between and over the styrene, separated and held together by small plastic supports known as chairs to hold in place. place keeping steel mesh proud of styrene.

At construction sites, pallet loads with large styrene cubes are strapped to the construction site or ready to be poured. And they're bound for good reason, because they're light as feathers and can be blown by the wind, causing the cube to shatter into tiny pieces that fall into our drains like a nightmare.

Once done, the waffle board looks like a more traditional raft board. Once the styrene and steel are covered with concrete, all you will see is the finished concrete.

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