What Are Warehouse Kitting Services?

Kitting services are typically performed by a 3PL company and are the acts of compiling the individual parts of a product together into a kit and delivering that kit to the production operation team for assembly. Kitting services can provide many benefits to manufacturing companies looking to streamline their warehousing processes.

Kitting services work hand in hand with storage, production, packaging, and delivery. As a business owner, you can also hire the most efficient kitting and assembly services via https://eliteops.com/utah-service-area/.

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Companies that provide 3PL services have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure accuracy in inventory and order pulling for warehouse and inventory management among other important aspects of the supply chain.

Instead of allowing manufacturers to compile their own parts, which is time-consuming and unproductive, 3PL services can manage these tedious tasks in a way that prevents errors, lost or misplaced parts. Kitting services eliminate this wasted time and disorganization to streamline the entire system.

Here are the major roles of warehousing kitting services:


Space in the facility is saved thanks to the 3PL company, which manages and stores the manufacturer’s parts.


When parts are needed, the 3PL provider pulls them from inventory and organizes them into kits.

Packaging and Distribution:

The 3PL service packages the final products in a customized way and delivers them to their end destinations.

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