What Is Organic Cinnamon Powder?

Organic cinnamon powder refers to ground cinnamon that is made from the bark, buds, and inner wood of a tropical evergreen tree called the cassia or canella tree. It is not cultivated from regular, non-organic cinnamon trees. Cinnamon extract is obtained by soaking dried, ground cinnamon leaves in croton oil.

Organic cinnamon powder is typically used in savory dishes and desserts. Organic cinnamon powder is ground cinnamon that is made without any chemicals or coloring. It is used for baking, spices, and other food applications. Organic cinnamon powder can be purchased via https://naturevibe.com/products/organic-ceylon-cinnamon-powder.

Organic cinnamon powder is made from the dried inner bark, resin, and cinnamon sticks of the cassia tree. The powder is an intense dark brown or black color, with a slightly sweet taste. It's used as a spice in baking, coffee brewing, and other activities where its flavor is desired. The natural process starts with selecting the right cassia tree.

The tree must be rainforest-certified to ensure that no chemicals have been used during the production process. After the tree is selected, workers clean it of any branches or leaves that may contain disease or pests. They then remove the outer layer of bark by pounding it with a knife or saw. Once the bark is removed, they cut the trunk into large pieces and expose the inner branches and roots.

The workers use a chipper to chop the branches into small pieces and mix them with water to render them soft. They then dry them in the sun or in a dehydrator. After drying, the workers remove any remaining moisture by grinding the wood into a fine powder using a mill or earthworms.


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