What To Expect From A Gm Class-Action Lawsuit

When you hear the words “GM class-action lawsuit,” what comes to mind? A group of angry car owners who are looking to band together and hold the automaker accountable for faulty cars? Maybe you think of a long and arduous legal battle with no clear endpoint in sight. 

But in all likelihood, you’re thinking of something much less serious: a potential way to get your money back from GM for a faulty car. You can also visit https://www.gminjurylawsuitcenter.com/ to file gm recall lawsuit.

GM Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit for Faulty Airbag-Deploying System

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If you live in the United States, there’s a good chance that GM is currently facing a class-action lawsuit over vehicle defects. While this type of lawsuit can be complex and lengthy, it’s also an opportunity to get restitution for your damages – regardless of whether or not you were actually injured as a result of GM’s negligence.

What happens if I don't join the class-action lawsuit?

There are a few things you can do if you decide not to join the class-action lawsuit. You can always speak with your attorney about the specifics of your case and whether or not you qualify to be part of the lawsuit. 

However, there's one other thing you can do. If you bought a GM car between September 25, 2008, and February 14, 2015, you may be eligible to participate in the class-action lawsuit. Simply go to gmclassactionsettlement.com and fill out a claim form. 

You may also want to contact an attorney if you have any questions about the settlement or your eligibility to join the lawsuit.

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