Why Is The Australian Investment Visa So In High Demand?

Foreigners may choose to invest in Australia. They may see it as a safer way to make money. Other times, an AU investment of significant amounts, typically half a million to more, will guarantee a place in Australia for the investor and his family.

Foreigners can legally reside in Australia with a large AU investment. This includes their spouse, children under 21, and their dependents. Property investment, or real estate investment, is one of the most important types of AU investments made by foreigners. In this reference, you can also apply for investment immigration endorsement in Australia.

Certain countries are more likely than others to invest in Australian real estate. The Australian Department of Commerce keeps track of the countries that make the largest AU investments in real estate. According to the latest data, Germany ranks number seven among the seven top countries that invest in AU  realty. The Netherlands is at the bottom.

Germany and Latin America hold 13% of the significant AU real estate investment holdings. and Japan 10%. The UK holds 10%. Canada is the closest US neighbor and holds approximately 6% of significant American real estate investments.

Foreigners can make Australian investments by investing in the Australian economy. It benefits both the whole country and the foreigners. NAR research shows that Australia’s foreign investment is crucial for the American economy. 


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