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In this article, we will briefly discuss one of the oldest and most famous comics of our time, Batman.

Batman was first introduced to the comics world in May 1939. However, it was not included in the comics themselves. What sets Batman apart is that he is a superhero without superpowers. He can’t fly like Superman or run at flash speed, nor can he be as strong as The Hulk. He is just a flesh-and-blood fighter to rid the world of the pests that killed his parents. You can buy a Batman comic book (also known as bande dessinĂ©e batman)in the french language.

Also, unlike many other superheroes, Batman is a very dark character with many personal demons that he has to control. Fights broke out every day so that his anger would not take advantage of him. Oftentimes it approaches the line between good and bad.

Batman lives in Gotham City under the guise of playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne. Only his loyal servant, Alfred, knows his secret identity as Batman. Because of the dark nature of the crime itself, he decided to remake crime-fighting equipment from bats. He wanted to be seen in something that would scare criminals and not make them laugh.

The first detailed origins of Batman were not revealed until the June issue of Detective Comics, Issue 47. Like many other cartoon characters, his originals have changed many times over the years. However, the key facts of his character have remained unchanged over the years.


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