Wedding Car Rentals in Sydney: Questions to Ask Before Booking

When arranging transportation for your wedding day, there are many things to consider. In addition to finding a wedding car rental service that fits your style and theme, make sure you book a reliable company to ensure you get to your wedding on time. You can book royal wedding cars via

The number of cars you need will depend on the size of your wedding party. If you're trying to stick to a budget, the rest of the party can be traveled by taxi but depending on the size of your party and whether the groom also gets a car.

After the ceremony, a car is needed to take the bride and groom to the reception. Rolls Royce and Jaguar are popular classic wedding cars that provide a more luxurious driving experience.

Classic Bentleys, Daimler sedans, Cadillac convertibles, Ford Skyliners, and all Pontiacs pre-1960 are also excellent choices. Traditionally, the bridesmaids and mother of the bride travel together, while the father of the bride travels in separate cars. 

With the best providers, you can have a car for as long as you need it. Always look for a company that only rents out their car for one wedding per day so you can relax without worrying about time limits. 

Cars are the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. A classic car, VW camper van, or black cab like the one pictured below will stand out a lot in your wedding photos.