Determine the cost to go for tower crane rental

You need to rent a tower crane if you have a construction project. Since the cranes have some great height and lifting capacities, tower cranes are great for these projects, and so as to tower crane rental.

There are two horizontal arms of the cranes. As you fit the other with the concrete blocks acting as a counterweight, you would suspend one arm to the load that is being lifted.

You should wonder how much it costs to rent a tower crane through the crane rentals if this is the first time you are renting the crane.

It depends on plenty of factors, including the following as it is hard to give an exact amount that you should pay with the varied costs:

Size of crane

Most of the companies will have different prices with the larger cranes, and these would attract the prices while there are a few of the rental companies that will rent all of their cranes at similar prices.

Always rent a crane of the right size in order to avoid wastage of time and money. Check out the weight of the item that you are looking to fit to tell the right size to go for. A heavier load will need a larger crane as an obvious reason.

The size of the crane to rent will also be affected by the radius here. This is the distance from the center of the slew of the crane right to the center of gravity of the furthest position of the load from the crane if you do not know what the radius would be.

You are hiring a professional to help you make the calculations since this is your first time doing it.

The size of the crane will also be impacted by the height of the lift. You will need to lift higher if you are placing the crane next to the building. The main boom it will need with the higher the crane will need to lift.

Location of the rental company

You need to know the place where the rental company is located. Companies in the posh areas will be more expensive than the ones that are in less wealthy areas, as you might expect.

The posh companies do not necessarily offer a better service, is what you should note. They have to hike up their rental prices as it is the only that they have higher rents to pay.

Date or the time you are hiring

Depending on the date or time you are hiring the crane-like the other service, the cost of crane hire can vary. Cranes go at a higher price during the holidays, weekends, and at night in most cases. The reason being the cost of labor for the crane operators is quite high at this point in time.

Requirements for labor

You need not only a crane but also other professionals to perform the work when you need crane services. A lift supervisor to supervise the lifting activities and a slinger signaler to signal the crane and sling the load is for what you need a crane operator to operate the crane for.

You might need additional labor impacting the rental costs depending on the project. You may also need additional riggers, for example.


Depending on the item that you are lifting, the type of tackle you need varies. If you are lifting unique loads and need specialists lifting the tackle, the rental company will add on the extra cost on cost of the crane since most of the companies will not charge for the standard tackle.

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